Attention Virtual assistants & freelancers

If we could show you how to earn an extra 4-5 figures per month, what impact would that have on your life? 

If you could make as much money as you need and not have to get a second job or stress over making ends meet, how would this turn things around for you? 

Girl Go Hustle provides 9-5 career alternatives and offers virtual assistant trainings to help you scale your freelancing service business to 6 figures and beyond. This is NOT another course, this is a mastermind, up close and personal putting a guarantee on your success. 

Ready to find out what all the VA business chatter is all about? Inside our program listed below are just a few bonuses. 

Six Figure Blueprint $$$

24/7 Group Help & Support

Downloadable Files

Email, Contract, & Social Media Templates

Premium Sales Training 

Top 20 Services to Offer + Hiring Your Team with $0

Listen in closer if....

You want to grow your business fast. 

You want so badly for your business to work but in order to do this you don't want to take a year to figure things out. 

You want your first batch of paying clients. 

In order to grow your business it requires sales and paying clients. These are the areas in which you need significant help. 

You need clarity on setting this whole thing up & you're ready to get to work. 

Let's remove the guesswork and get you started all on the right foot, so there's no more guessing as you go. 

In Girl, Go Hustle Academy for Virtual Assistants & Freelancers, our ultimate goal is to help you start  your OWN profitable virtual assistant business. You can be a VA even if you have little to no skills. 

If you want to be a SIX FIGURE Virtual Assistant- you must cover some basics.... 

Step 1 - Know Who You Serve

Without this one crucial step you will remain scatter brained, always looking for ways to find "a client or 2" or in the mindset of "if I can just get at least..." mindset. NO. Getting clear in this one step will push you ahead 50% of the way! I promise! 

Step 2 - Create a Clean Offer

There are low tier services and high tier services. If you are focused on the lower level services and offering hourly packages, you will only make six figures if your client hits it big and gives you a substantial raise. Offering flat rate services will help you scale faster.

Step 3 - Stick to the Plan

If you simply stick to your daily activity and plan you will bring in at least 4-8 new clients every month. In our mastermind we teach you how to package your services well enough where you'll be off to 6 figures in no time. 

The Virtual Solutionist  Mastermind Group 

Here's what you get on the other side...

We will help you craft your pricing & packages + Get access to all of our beautiful & custom Presentation Decks/Templates 

Don't worry about having less than perfect presentation decks and tools to hand out and email over. We have you 100% covered. Just copy & paste, and replace with your own information. ($1200 value)  

We will help you set up your business to accept high tiered, high paid services ONLY even if you have  little to no skills at all.

In this ongoing workshop we will always help you set up highly attractive offers that CEO's will be happy to sign up for plus for the skills you DON'T have we teach you how to build your own team from scratch...THIS IS NOT FIVERR. ($997 value)  

Network, Sell, & Negotiate like a high level CEO training.

In order to make six figures we have to nail sales, strategy, and negotiation. This ongoing training and mentoring will have you floating with confidence and closing over 30% of your deals. ($4, 500 value)  

Receive access to all contracts and SOP's to plug right into your business. Unlock our Scalability, & 6 Figure Planning training & mentoring.

Safeguard your business and set yourself up for success right from the start. From legal set up to 6 figure planning and projection, we have you covered. ($2,000 value)

Branding Workshop

The magic happens here. Our team of experts will help you design your very own virtual assistant website so that you can present and talk about your business with confidence to others. ($1250 value)

Private & Group Mentoring Daily

I will pop into our private mastermind group daily dropping motivation, tips, and industry updates that will help you. We also have a group call every other Wednesday for a bi-weekly digest. 

Candice Michelle, Six Figure Coach + Marketing Consultant to
Multi Six, Seven and
Eight Figure Earners. 

I'm Super Excited About This Exclusive Intimate Private Mastermind Program

As a virtual assistant, new or seasoned, you work hard behind the scenes to make your clients look great in their businesses.

Virtual Assistants trained under Girl Go Hustle stand out as high level players. We offer ONLY high converting, premium services, and we cherry-pick our dream clients making bigger impacts in our fields. 

Through our mastermind you can expect to be properly trained, poised, and positioned for high ticket sales, high ticket clients, and equipped to deliver high-end services. 

Learn the GGH Way... 

Many professionals come to us from different starting points. No matter what your situation is, if you have an interest in doing virtual work on any level, it's time to consider a mastermind that will help you reach your goals, quickly. 

"I have 5 Kids and I knew what I wanted in my business, I just didn't know how to get there."

Candice gave me the confidence I needed to get to where I wanted to be in my business. I've been working as a VA for quite some time, I've since started an agency. 

Beth S.

"Hated sales, but I needed to be able to sell what I was offering"

"I turned to Candice when I was really struggling with sales. I didn't want to sell, but I need to sell what I'm offering. Candice gave me the confidence and blew my mind with an array of bonus, tools, and tips that I needed."


Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that come up about virtual assistant work. If you see one that's not listed and you need to pop in our email before you sign up email us at

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We do have a two and three part payment plan option. You will need to select the payment option on the check-out page. 

Do I have access to you after three months?

Yes you do have access to our team after three months but for standard questions & support. 

Am I an employee or a contractor?

A true virtual assistant would be considered a contractor. In our mastermind group the employee mindset is kicked out of the window, unwelcomed. As a contractor you can set your own hours and set your own pay requirements, + so much more.

What is the difference between a do-it-yourself course and a mastermind? 

A course is you taking yourself through the material. The mastermind offers a much more hands-on approach.  

What are the advantages of being a VA?

As a VA you have a unique opportunity to work from home and be your own boss. You can cherry-pick the types of clients you'll service, and you also get to work in your dream role. No need in waiting on a promotion like with a corporate position. With a little extra training you can advance yourself. 

What's a realistic earning potential in the first year?

We provide a proven 6 figure blueprint and if followed exactly as it's explained, you will indeed make $10k per month. It won't be easy, but it's certainly achievable. 

Do I need a degree?

No you do not need a degree to be a VA. That's the cool thing. No matter your level of education, as long as you have a skill set that you are knowledgeable in,  you can help many business owners. 

What if I lack fancy skills?

In the mastermind group we will teach you the top 20 skills that have made many of us multiple 6 figures in our business. You don't need to know this, we will show you the secret shortcut to getting these top level services executed. 

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